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Endurance and training to music

Spinning is indoor cycling, often to music. Our spinning coach will help you adjust your bike, and you can choose how much resistance you want to use during the session. The activity lasts half an hour and the trainer sits in front of the group, showing you the various stages. You can join our spinning class whether you have cycled a lot, or never sat on a bicycle before.

What do you need?
Bring indoor shoes, and a water bottle. Bring a padlock if you want to put you personal items a locker.

Where will you meet?
Meet at the reception at MOVA in Fyllingsdalen.The entrance is next to Coop Xtra Fyllingsdalen. There is a bus stop and car park nearby. Please be there ten minutes before start time, there is a sofa you can sit in while you wait. Our trainers will meet you there, and we all go in together

Spinning is part of The Wednesday training in Fyllingsdalen. If you wish, you can take part in half an hour of spinning and half an hour of weight training before the trip, or you can take part in one of the activities independently of the others.

Training group: Fitness

Training group: Wednesday, Fyllingsdalen

Last messages for Spinning:
26. April 2024 12:21
Wednesday 1th may spinning will be closed but we are back again with spinning as normal next wednesday.

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Weekly training sessions:
Day and time: Wednesday at 12:00 to 12:30
Next Wednesday-exercise: 24. July 2024
Place: MOVA Fyllingsdalen
Address: Løvåsveien 20, 5145 Fyllingsdalen
There is a separate entrance to MOVA next to Coop Xtra (See map below with writing font where to enter), Fyllingsdalen. You will go up the stairs to the second floor and into MOVA. It is a short distance from the bus stop and car park outside.
Trainers / Volunteer:
Elisabeth is our wonderful spinning instructor and you often meet her spinning with us.

Elisabeth provides a good atmosphere, good music and always welcomes you with a smile.
Amalie is one of our permanent spinning instructors and is super ready to welcome you for a fun and energetic spinning session.

Amalie is always smiling, happy and you are in the best hands.
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