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About the start
Psykiatrialliansen started in 2006 as a collaboration between Bergen Municipality and Health Bergen. At the time, they worked to create good exercise habits for people hospitalized for psychiatry or drug addiction, so that they would have a network and routines in their everyday life when they were discharged. It was quickly seen that this could reduce admissions, while at the same time the participants wanted to use the training for something more. That is Psykiatrialliansen BIL was started so that the participants could field teams in the corporate football series.

We offer a wide range of activities
Since our inception, we have grown a lot! Now we have 23 sports activities divided into 30 training sessions per week in Bergen and the surrounding area. See our entire updated activity plan. We also field teams in series in both football and volleyball. In addition, we have varied activities that range from kayaking to Frisbee golf to a quiet social Tuesday cafe.

You are always good enough with us
The most important thing for us is to focus on activity, mastery and social community. With us, you can try out new activities, without being afraid that someone will judge your presentation. Whether you have played at a high level or whether you have not tried an activity before, you are equally welcome, and you can come as often or as rarely as you wish. For swimming and kayaking, you must be able to swim for your own safety, but for other training, no prior knowledge is required.

The activities are free
We know that a free offer can help prevent alienation. That's why all our activities are free. If the activity requires special equipment such as a yoga mat or climbing equipment, you can borrow this from us. All you need is to show up at the right place at the right time.

Everyone is welcome at training
It is also important to clarify: You do not need to have a diagnosis or be associated with any public treatment to come to us. You can come alone, bring your family or bring all your friends. Come as you are and we look forward to meeting you! If you think it's a bit difficult to come alone, just contact the office and we'll sort it out! We can either arrange for a trainer to meet you near the training, or for one of us to follow you for a distance and join the activity.

It helps to have a physical offer
The fact that physical activity has a good impact on mental health is well documented in research. Among other things, it reduces the degree of depression and anxiety. We do not deal with treatment, but we see that both physical activity, the feeling of mastery and the social community you get with us can be good for most people.

The coaches have their own user experience
The vast majority of the trainers employed by Psykiatrialliansen have their own experience of mental illness, substance abuse or relatives' experience. This means that they know how difficult it can be to take the step to show up for the first time, or the tenth time.

Get in touch if you have any questions
Please contact with us if you have any questions about Psykiatrialliansen in general or the various activities. We are available by email, Facebook, telephone or for a pleasant chat at our offices on the 5th floor of Kronstad DPS on Danmarksplass.

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