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Psykiatrialliansen's privacy policy for the website

Psykiatrialliansen takes your data security seriously and informs you below about what data we collect from users of the website.

We inform you of this because you should be safe when using our websites and because it is our duty to inform you about how we handle user data in accordance with EU regulations.

How we handle your user data
- All your user data is personal at Psykiatrialliansen, we never share or sell your user data on.
- Psykiatrialliansen.no currently only stores data about those registered for activities.
- We also log IP addresses to be able to count unique visitors.

Information Coookies
- Psykiatrialliansen.no does not currently use its own cookies.
- When we share Youtube videos on Psykiatrialliansen.no, it generates third-party cookies or 'Cookies' that accompany this from Youtube.com.

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