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Inclusive, one-size-fits-all, mastery

Our martial arts training is suitable for everyone.

In our classes you will be able to challenge yourself both physically and mentally. The trainers focus on developing your skills regardless of which level you start at. Trainers will help to push yourself towards your own goals in a safe training environment.

We use elements from kickboxing, boxing and MMA.

What do you need?
Water bottle and clothes you can move in. We can get close to each other, so remember personal hygiene and clean clothes.

Where will you meet?
Bergen Martial Arts Center at Laksevåg
There are some parking spaces outside, remember to get a note at reception or take public transport to Møhlenpris/Gyldenpris depending on which direction the bus is coming from - please double check with the skyss app.

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Weekly training sessions:
Day and time: Thursday at 12:00 to 14:00
Next Thursday-exercise: 27. June 2024
Place: Bergen Kampsportsenter
Address: Carl Konows gate 36, 5162 Laksevåg
Eirik is a manager/instructor at the martial arts and manager at Bergen Kampsportsenter

Former European champion and world champion in kickboxing.
Alexander 'Junior'
MMA athlete who fights his way up the system.
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